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Ctuit Software Releases Labor Scheduling Module

Ctuit Software will officially release its latest optional module, Labor Scheduling, at the upcoming Restaurant Finance and Development Conference in Las Vegas November 8-10, 2010.

This optional module was designed as an easy and fully integrated labor scheduling tool for restaurant managers. The labor scheduling module includes the ability to import or create weekly schedules by job or work center, quickly assign employees to shifts, view and print schedules and analyze scheduled versus actual data to improve future labor scheduling, as well as e-mail schedules to employees.

Advantages of the Ctuit Labor Scheduling module include:

  • Ability to import and report on schedule labor shifts entered at the point of sale.
  • Web-based tools to quickly build schedules, assign employees to shifts and view projected costs.
  • Leverage imported information such as employees, jobs, and wages to minimize data entry by managers.
  • Integration of forecasted sales plus view previous year sales across a 4 week prior average - to accurately schedule for demand.
  • Availability tracking of employees on a one time or recurring basis.
  • Scheduling alerts across locations for double booked employees, overtime, and availability conflicts and threshold alerts.
  • Gantt chart for viewing scheduled versus actual shifts, sales per shift, sales per labor hour, and projected versus actual labor costs.
  • Hourly charts that overlay sales volume, guest counts, entrée counts, or check counts with actual and scheduled labor volume.
  • Trend charts for scheduled and actual labor dollars or hours by week, period, pay period or quarter.
  • Widgets that can be added to your Ctuit Radar Dashboard for monitoring labor costs and schedules.
  • A variety of printer friendly reports for schedules and scheduled versus actual comparisons.
  • Ability to use recent employee, location and job wage information from the point of sale to estimate labor costs.
  • Ability to e-mail schedules to employees

Ctuit's approach enables fast, easy and accurate scheduling while leveraging the site specific knowledge of scheduling managers. Schedules, tools and reports can be made available to others within the company using permission based access. Labor scheduling is fully contained and an optional module within Ctuit Radar for easy user management, dashboard integration, data exports and reporting.

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