Certain Software, Inc. Releases New Events Management Software

Certain Software introduces new events management functionality to meeting professionals, event organizers and conference planners around the world with the release of Version 11 of eventsPro and eventsInteractive. Expanded capabilities in eventsPro, the world's leading event management software, cover the areas of sales and sponsorship as well as visual table allocation, while eventsInteractive, its online interactivity companion software, will add a survey module, express form templates and optimized user console design.

The Version 11 release incorporates the increasing need to put information at event organizers' fingertips in a central application that integrates with other pivotal data and can be accessed via intuitive management screens. The new modules in eventsPro and eventsInteractive are designed to expand on event organizers' ability to manage all aspects of any size or shape of meeting, event or conference and leverage the advantages of the internet.

eventsPro Version 11 includes an enhanced Sales and Sponsorship Module that enables event organizers to build and customize product packages for prospective customers or sponsors. Once the packages have been set up, it is possible to manage and track the potential sale from initial proposal to final confirmation. This module will also manage the delivery of the inclusions in each package. Packages might include event sponsorship (Gold, Silver, Bronze sponsors), bulk registrations (for example, "book ten tickets" and "pay for eight") or a table of ten at a function, as examples.

Floor Management and Feedback
The Visual Table Allocation feature introduced in eventsPro Version 11 is a visual table-planning tool. Event organizers can use Visual Table Allocation to set up a graphical floor plan on-screen, laid out as it would be at the actual function. The floor plan may be for a dinner or another seated function, for example, with theater-style seating. Event organizers can allocate attendees to specific seat numbers, with great flexibility.

The Survey Module in eventsInteractive Version 11 enables event organizers to set up online surveys and analyze the results. They can choose to send a survey to any filtered set of records in their database or all of them. If the respondents are already in the database, a personalized link may be sent to them in order for their replies to be stored against their demographics record. New respondents to a survey can be added to the database as new records -- automatic duplicate checking can be enabled for this process. Surveys may also be anonymous. Survey Questions are stored in a Question Library, and used multiple times in different surveys, meaning event organizers can analyze responses to the same question across multiple surveys.

The new eventsInteractive Site Builder is the user-friendly interface designed to assist with the creation, publishing and ongoing maintenance of eventsInteractive registration sites. The new Site Builder contains a number of powerful tools and features including a wizard that walks users through the creation of a full new website in a matter of minutes, a Style Editor to control over all aspects of the look and feel of event websites and a Links page that conveniently lists all the relevant web links associated with a site created in eventsInteractive.
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