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UniFocus Teams with Microsoft's Lync System

UniFocus has announced the utilization of the latest communications technology transforming the way business gets done. Through the incorporation of the Microsoft’s Lync system, UniFocus teams have the ability for real time face-to-face connections and collaborations with any of business partners, wherever they may be located globally with a simple click of a button
By enhancing its audiovisual capabilities, UniFocus is able to enhance its high-touch environment with immediate reaction times to all clients’ needs. A key benefit is the ability to screen share with our partners and vice versa.  Screen sharing allows UniFocus to support and train business partners at their respective properties while mitigating the expense and time for travel.  Additional benefits of enabling flexibility in scheduling, and customized training across organizations and properties improve profit and productivity.   
Your employees are the most important investment and their time is valuable. The opportunity to collaborate with them anytime anywhere is smart business transforming the way business gets done.

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