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Top POS Stories from January: Tablet Technologies, Tableside Ordering and More

Every month, Hospitality Technology (HT) recaps the point-of-service headlines spanning the restaurant and hotel industries. The new year ushered in many exciting advancements in POS technology and implementation. In case you missed these stories the first time around, here is a brief overview of what was happening in POS in January: Aloft Hotel is flying high with a new tablet-based concierge, Pizzeria Venti rolled out tablets for tableside ordering and Vancouver restaurants have added QR codes to menus just to name a few of the gripping headlines.
Vancouver Restaurant Menus Have QR Codes for Transparency in Food Information
Several Vancouver-based restaurants now include QR codes on their menus. This tech will allow diners to use their smartphones to access information about ingredients used to create their meal.
Pizzeria Venti Rolls out Tablets for Tableside Ordering
Pizzeria Venti has chosen E la Carte's Presto tablets; iPad-like touch screen tablets which affords patrons the opportunity to split checks, browse menus and place orders, just to name a few.
Panasonic Optimizes POS with New Workstation, Stingray Envo
Panasonic releases its modular Stingray Envo workstation, a POS solution which, according to the company, offers high-performance functionality.
Over 40 Buffalo Wild Wings Now Use Kitchen Display Software from QSR
More than 40 Buffalo Wild Wings franchise locations has chosen QSR Automations kitchen display software, which has yielded better ticket averages and higher volumes, over stores that are still using paper systems.
OLO Online Ordering to Hit Canadian Five Guys Burgers & Fries
Canadian Five Guys Burgers & Fries customers can now take advantage of OLO Online Ordering. This international service has also been developed with MICROS and Chase Paymentech and will appear in 23 locations.
Aloft Hotel is Piloting Tablet-Based Concierge
Aloft Hotels is putting forth its best effort to make guest check-in easier. The hotel is test-driving a tablet-based concierge program, whereby quests can type their recommendations on an iPad.
Giraffe Restaurant Uses Table Management Tool from QSR to Boost Sales by 10%
UK-based Giraffe restaurant has implemented ConnectSmart Hostess table and capacity management system from QSR, and says the technology paid for itself during the first two weeks of summer.
New Pay-at-the-Table Solution Uses Digital Bill Folder to Reduce Skimming
Viableware has created Rail, a patened digital bill folder that lets guests pay-at-the-table. The technology aims to reduce theft and streamline the restaurant payment process.

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