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Study: Restaurant Goers like Innovations in Early Dining Stages

A comparison of eleven technologies commonly used in restaurants found that restaurant customers find virtual menus with nutritional information to be the most valuable of new technologies, followed closely by online reservations, kiosks for ordering, and pagers for table management.

The study, "Customer Preferences for Restaurant Technology Innovations," by Michael J. Dixon, Sheryl E. Kimes, and Rohit Verma, is available at no charge from Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research.

Dixon is a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, where Kimes and Verma are faculty members.

"Restaurateurs need to make sure their customers will accept new technology when it is introduced, but we found a sort of catch-22," says Verma. "We found that people who use a particular technology find that technology more valuable than those who never tried it. However, to see that benefit the customer first has to try the technology, and many people aren't quick to try new technologies."
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