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Snapfinger Puts Food Ordering at Customers' Fingertips with 4.0 Rollout


While restaurant choice does matter to the consumer, with the Snapfinger version 4.0 app customers can order from more than 12,000 restaurant locations based on name, location, cuisine and even their favorite meal.

According to the company, without POS integration, most remote ordering solutions are problematic, failing to capture customer data, and are more often unable to provide consumers with accurate real time menu information.

The consumer who relies on online and mobile ordering is often technologically astute and convenience driven, so they expect ordering accuracy and timeliness, which simply dozen’t exist consistently in a non-POS integrated environment.

The Snapfinger app is integrated into more than a dozen POS platforms that make up 90 percent of the market.

With the integration, restaurant managers need only ensure their POS options are accurate during the restaurant opening process, taking into consideration daily specials and promotions, pricing changes and out of stock menu items.

Creating Back of the House Efficiencies

With the Snapfinger app serving as an extension of the restaurant's computer system, it eliminates the need for human interaction, taking a call, checking the fax, keying the entry, checking daily specials and menu options, all of which are susceptible to human error in the fast-paced environment of a restaurant.

Snapfinger version 4.0, offers customers many new and enhanced features including:

· Search restaurants by name, location, cuisine and/or specific menu item and select pick up time and date

· View a restaurant database that includes all menu items, updated in real-time with price verification, for each restaurant

· New tabbed interface gives immediate access to searching, current order, previous orders, favorite restaurants and account information

· Enhanced design includes faster menu load and item configuration

· Intuitive new map features more than 500,000 restaurants so customers know exactly what is around them at home and abroad

· Save favorite restaurants and orders for one touch re-ordering

· Mobile pre-pay and save the receipt as an image file on the iPhone or iPad


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