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SICOM Opens Functional QSR/Customer Experience Center in New Headquarters

SICOM announced the opening of a fully functional quick service restaurant in its new corporate headquarters. The Customer Experience Center will provide visitors with an immersive experience that demonstrates the power of integrated solutions, as well as an open environment to collaborate and create future quick service technology solutions.

The Customer Experience Center showcases the full range of SICOM’s suite of technology solutions, including the front-of-house (Point of Sale, Digital Menu Boards and Order Confirmation Units), back-of-house (Chef Kitchen Management and Drive-Thru Director) and above-restaurant solutions (360° Data Analytics, SEMS4 Restaurant Management and RTIconnect Restaurant Management).

The center also features an example quick service brand, TheWorks, to illustrate the vision of a fully connected restaurant, while also maintaining the flexibility to be customized to the needs of individual brands.

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