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Michal Christine Escobar

Managing Editor

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August 2018

By engaging hotel staff digitally with personal recognition, professional development and cross-team collaboration, hoteliers can touch employees’ hearts, drive loyalty and reduce turnover.

From training staff to shredding documents, hotels must ensure their guests' information security and mitigate the risk of a data breach.

From a back-of-house solution that integrates with your devices to automated SMS texting, these features will help future-proof the kitchen.

Messaging apps provide guests with a seamless and consistent multi-channel experience that puts them in charge of communication.

From personalized greetings and offers as they enter the building to knowing how long they've been waiting for their food, diners and managers will have an improved experience.

CEO of Kitchen United to offer advice on how restaurants can make delivery a success technically, operationally and locationally.

When properly managed, AV can produce the second highest profit margin in a hotel – behind rooms.

Hotel discusses why it chose AR tech and how it hopes it will enhance the guest experience and improve bookings.

Intelligent video technology can optimize both customer service and physical security.

Dianne Yaussy with Flynn Restaurant Group talks with HT's Senior Editor Anna Wolfe on why she attends MURTEC and some of her favorite sessions in 2018.

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely alter the hotel booking system by verifying online reviews, weeding out fake reviews.

Chatbots and IoT are two new forms of tech that hospitality organizations can use to build meaningful relationships.

The increasing use of open APIs is making it easier for hotels to facilitate the creation of custom, information-rich hospitality dashboards.

Hoteliers were keen on keeping tabs on competitors' implementation of next-gen tech.

Even seemingly innocuous pieces of information can be used for identity theft.

July 2018

Windows use algorithms to automatically darken and lighten tints.

The awards honor foodservice companies for outstanding achievement in business innovation.

Most guests prefer to connect to the internet on their phone via cell signal, not Wi-Fi, for security and convenience.

Manual errors and time-consuming data entry associated with manual cash registers and local POS make a cloud-based POS appealing.

Messaging makes traveling easier and communication more personal, which provides a better guest experience.

From tailor-made service packages to industry-specific expertise, these four qualities should be considered non-negotiable.

Beekeeper answers hoteliers’ frequently asked questions to better navigate GDPR next steps.

Two restaurant executives will discuss where the differences and synergies lie between marketing and IT.

Successful social media storytelling helps to create meaningful and engaging content for current and future guests.

Hotels can improve first responders' ability to save lives with security technology.

Offer incentives such as room upgrades or late checkout instead of discounting room prices.

Hotels using automated text messaging have seen guest engagement increase by more than 25 percent.

Richter will lead the Americas Revenue Optimization team, which includes Strategy, Revenue Optimization Services and Revenue Generation Systems Support.

Attendees will learn about the GS1 US Foodservice Standards, new technologies to help prevent food safety nightmares and how to achieve full supply chain traceability.

From how technical she is to her personal passions, these five questions will help a company decide if an IT executive interviewee will be a good fit.

A total of 100 AI powered Club InterContinental suites will be available within the year.

If a restaurant can identify a customer’s age, it can personalize its mobile website/app for younger vs. older customers to improve guest loyalty and use.

Cruise line companies must be just as vigilant as other hospitality verticals when it comes to cybersecurity.

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