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Michal Christine Escobar, Managing Editor, Hospitality Technology

Managing Editor

Michal Christine Escobar is Hospitality Technology’s Managing Editor.  She has more than five years of experience as a B2B journalist. She is responsible for the hotel beat at the magazine and often writes about AI, VR, IoT and other emerging technologies affecting hospitality.

Articles by this author

December 2018

A 200% increase in online and to-go orders in the past three years led to new tech rollout.

After a data breach, fraudulent payment chargebacks can spike up to 5% but companies shouldn't accept this as a cost of doing business.

Forty percent of consumers said that they would stop doing business with a company if it had previously suffered a data breach.

The best chatbots will be'fed' by a mix of legacy infrastructure for guest profile information and accounting, along with agile resources deployed in private and public cloud environments.

By focusing on prevention, identifying your business’s key risk areas, and taking steps to mitigate that risk, you can help prevent your business from becoming a part of this alarming statistic.

Apps, automation and analytics will speed up financial processes and improve backend visibility.

Answer questions such as: How did Marriott overlook the breach? What server/software vulnerabilities lead to this type of breach? and What will be the ramifications for the company and its guests?

November 2018

When properly managed, event technologies can decrease costs, increase productivity and boost attendance.

When hotel marketers keep these three easy concepts in mind, they can turn their tenuous relationship with big data into a useful tool.

Technology-driven training that uses AI improves staff success and offers other major benefits.

Public-key infrastructure stores and encrypts consumer login credentials and bankcard numbers in the most trusted area of a consumer’s smartphone; During transactions no sensitive data is stored at the enterprise, none is transmitted over the interne

Balancing quality guest service, profitability and happy employees cannot be achieved with a paper employee shift schedule taped to a wall.

Full House Resorts discusses how kiosks can improve customer service when unemployment rates and minimum wage raises make hiring staff more costly.

Thanks to online powerhouses like Google and Facebook, today's digitally savvy guests expect all companies they deal with online to know them better than ever before.

Room service delivery program allows Leo and Cleo to deliver a limited menu of food and beverage items to guestrooms.

Hospitality company replaces paper tracking and carbon copy maintenance request forms with a digital solution from Quore.

During Best Western's 2018 North American Conference, HT's Managing Editor had a chance to sit down with Dowling and learn more about how the company is improving brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Hospitality organizations must go beyond credit card security to also protect customer personally identifiable information.

Instead of reviewing historical datasets to find fraud that has already occurred, hoteliers could use AI to prevent it from happening in the first place.

In a mobile-first world, getting the right message across at the exact moment a person is researching travel plans is key.

In this exclusive Q&A, the former EVP and Chief Revenue Officer of Taj Hotels discusses how changing guest expectations led to new technology rollouts.

Learn how localization best practices can help hotel chains stay on-message in all markets.

Check-in, minibar use, advanced rewards programs and better insight into hotel room vacancies are just a few ways blockchain could improve the consumer experience in hospitality.

From changing the function of a hotel lobby to redefining loyalty, hotels are finding new ways to offer intimate experiences to guests.

World of Hyatt new member enrollments are up 45% versus prior year; CEO credits rise to differentiated and enhanced rewards for members.

Sources indicate the breach occurred on Sept. 11 and was discovered on Oct. 1; no credit card or password information was compromised.

From reducing keystroke errors to greeting guests by name, identity verification technologies contribute to a frictionless, personalized guest experience.

Focuses principally on its guest app which offers accelerated check-in, daily planner, onboard accounts, shore excursions, and ability to book events.

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