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Shift4 Puts the "Zen" into Online Payments

Shift4 Corporation has integrated with the Zen Cart e-commerce solution. The integration enables Zen Cart users to remove cardholder data from their systems and provide additional control to keep the shopper on their sites during checkout.

Shift4 plans to offer the same pricing structure for Zen Cart and other e-commerce transactions as it currently offers for brick-and-mortar clients. This means that Zen Cart users who switch from their current solution to Shift4's integration could save nearly 50 percent on transaction fees.

In addition to a substantially lower cost structure, Shift4 also offers a host of features designed to simplify payment processing for merchants. From 24/7 customer support to enterprise-wide auditing and reporting functionalities, all of Shift4's value-adding components are included with their Dollars on the Net gateway at no additional cost.

While the integration is to be initially marketed primarily to existing Shift4 clients who use Shift4 in their retail store locations, this pricing structure will no doubt attract new clientele.


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