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Orient-Express Cuts Labor and Ups Customer Service with MICROS

Orient-Express Hotels Ltd., owners or part-owners and managers of 46 luxury hotel, restaurant, tourist train and river cruise properties operating in 23 countries, has recently expanded its MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution with the addition of the MICROS OPERA Sales and Catering solution (S&C). The multi-year deployment will commence immediately in Orient-Express properties located in the U.S. and Mexico.
Orient-Express, known for its prestigious properties around the world, will replace its legacy sales and catering system in 37 of its hotels worldwide with MICROS OPERA Sales and Catering, which offers full-featured catering sales management. With superior customer relationship management, enhanced event management, and sales force automation, MICROS OPERA Sales and Catering significantly reduces the sometimes tedious sales and catering management requirements performed by the hotel staff, allowing them to focus on guest service.
Powerful analytics, reporting tools, and real-time booking engines are provided with a comprehensive account of all business operations. Flexible options, with international capabilities, allow for customization of the MICROS OPERA S&C solution to truly fit the individual requirements of Orient-Express. The MICROS OPERA S&C solution allows Orient-Express to expand easily and incorporate this new technology to support a superior guest experience.

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