New Dialogic Product Promise to Reduce the Cost and Footprint for Mobile Video Applications

Dialogic Corporation, a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, can now deliver new levels of SS7 scalability and integration with the newest release of the Dialogic Vision VX Integrated Media Platform and Dialogic Vision CX Video Gateway. The capabilities are intended to allow service providers to reduce the operating expenses of network equipment and more cost effectively support the innovative mobile services that give them a competitive edge.

The Vision VX Integrated Media Platform is a standards-based media processing platform that supports the creation and deployment of multimedia services using VoiceXML and CCXML. The Vision CX Video Gateway is a complete gateway that connects video-enabled mobile devices to SIP-based applications using the 3G-324M protocol.

The latest release of the VX Integrated Media Platform and the CX Video Gateway includes embedded SS7 signaling servers, which is designed to reduce the solution footprint, and lower deployment costs, both of which are critical factors for network operators.

The latest release of VX Integrated Media Platform and CX Video Gateway makes it possible to scale up to 5000 ports using just one SS7 point code, which conserves network resources and simplifies administration. New capabilities also include additional redundancy options to support integration into wireline and mobile networks where high availability is a requirement.
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