NetWaiter Provides Platform for Managers/Owners to Unite with Customers, Easily

NetWaiter, purveyors of an innovative online ordering system for restaurants, announces the launch of its new NetWaiter Social Widget. This tool allows restaurants to instantly communicate information with customers and provides immediate customer interaction.

Owners and managers can send out instant updates using this social media and communication tool. Announcements, new updates, menu changes or promotions all can be posted on a restaurant’s Social Widget and is instantaneously made available for customers to read, says the company.

Only customers who have placed orders or those that are logged-in can post comments and interact with a restaurant’s Social Widget. Customers can view the comments of others, allowing them to share information and use the power of referral to influence each others' ordering preferences.

What's more, restaurants have full control of their Social Widget and the ability to delete any posts within their NetWaiter Management Console.

NetWaiter was the first online ordering company to link Facebook to online ordering. With NetWaiter’s new Social Widget, there is even more ability for restaurants and customers to interact. It's all about keeping customers in the loop and engaged as much as possible, the firm believes.

The NetWaiter Widget allows restaurants to step up their communication with customers and encourage more interaction and engagement.

If a restaurant does not have the staff, or is unable to follow-up or monitor communications through the tool because of vacation or absence, they can disable the widget and then turn it back on at their convenience.

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