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Takeout and Delivery

QSRs Continue to Focus on Digital Initiatives

McDonald's Franchisee, Jack in the Box focus on kiosks, mobile app tech respectively.

4 Tactics to Win the Digital Ordering Wars

Navigating the new competitive battleground for restaurants requires a strategic approach to maximize efficiency as more diners seek online options

Testing will begin in San Francisco Bay area in select neighborhoods.

The service uses Pizza Portal, a heated self-service mobile pick-up station which will allow customers to skip the counter.

Unlimited points enables consumers to earn free Pizza Hut pizza in as little as one visit.

McDonald's Celebrates with Global McDelivery Day featuring surprise moments for fans including access to the new McDelivery Collection via UberEATS

The integration of industry-leading NCR Aloha POS and Grubhub’s online ordering and delivery marketplace will make restaurant management easier, more efficient.

Operators must carefully consider all their options before deciding on an in-house fleet or a third-party partnership.

DoorDash integration with the industry-leading NCR Aloha POS will help improve store operations and reduce delivery times.

The system is capable of predicting how long a delivery will take and will account for variable factors such as weather, construction, traffic and other irregularities in the delivery pattern to enable safe, accurate deliveries.

A pre-order, pre-pay service will require ongoing operational adjustments to ensure order volume is managed effectively.

Consumers will now have access to ice cream delivery from more than 600 locations in 22 Cities.

HT recaps top headlines from June, indicating hospitality operators are hyper-focused on security and finding ways to appeal to the digital generation with mobile experiences.

From McDonald's to Panera, restaurants are trying to steal stomachshare with delivery services.

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