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Takeout and Delivery

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Takeout and Delivery.

Third-Party Delivery Market Continues Consolidation: Uber to Buy Postmates

Uber says it intends to keep the consumer-facing Postmates app running separately, supported by a more efficient, combined merchant and delivery network.

Chipotle Expands Delivery Footprint with Grubhub

Digital orders from Chipotle are made in the brand’s Digital Kitchens, and Grubhub orders default into contact-free delivery,

If brands aren't already getting data from their third-party online or delivery partners, they need to demand it. Here's why.

This Moe's Southwest Grill in Pittsburgh includes four kiosks, a second make line, and curbside pickup.

Shogo, a cloud-based accounting automation system,  and Ordermark, a single dashboard solution to manage all online ordering, are now Brink POS integration partners.

CEO says brand's goal is to digitize 100% of transactions.

CEO Matt Friedman shares essential tips for restaurants looking to enter the native delivery space.

Restaurants have been hit by both cybercriminals and friendly fraud during a time when they need it the least.

Customers can notify the store when they arrive by hitting the “I’m here” button on Domino’s Tracker page or by replying “HERE” to Domino’s opt-in text.

Plus, Scott Gittrich shares biggest challenge before COVID-19 & weighs in on Grubhub/ JET deal.

Chipotle is now available nationwide on the Grubhub app and Grubhub.com.

Fast casual chain added online ordering in 2019, and today 80% of the chain’s orders are for off-prem.

As delivery services struggle with profitability, what does this mean for the future of the industry?

Key Contributors Offer Unique Insights.

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