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National Restaurant Association Partners with PeopleMatter to Automate HR Processes

The National Restaurant Association announced a strategic partnership with talent management solution provider PeopleMatter to bring innovative human resources solutions to its member restaurants. Association members will gain access to PeopleMatter’s suite of SaaS-based (Software-as-a-Service), automated HR technology tools that will help hire, schedule, and engage their workforces.

The National Restaurant Association chose PeopleMatter’s talent management solution for its one-to-many platform that consolidates multiple point solutions into one, integrated system specifically engineered to meet the high-volume needs of the restaurant industry. PeopleMatter’s product ecosystem helps restaurants find, train and motivate employees to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. The products also aid in engaging employees in a restaurant’s brand through performance management and recognition to build a strong culture and create lasting, rewarding careers for foodservice professionals.

“PeopleMatter’s talent management tools are an easy-to-use, innovative, adaptable technology that will help our members find, hire, train and engage their workforces as never before,” says David Gilbert, chief operating officer of the National Restaurant Association. “With its 12.8 million employees, the restaurant industry is the nation’s second largest private sector employer, and people strategies are an important part of running a successful restaurant. PeopleMatter’s vision for a social, engaged workforce continues to drive innovation. These are tools our members can use everyday to improve their people processes and deliver exceptional customer service.”

Key platform features
PeopleMatter integrates with social media networks and location-based outlets to help spread a restaurant’s brand, connect with a tech-savvy workforce, and build workplace culture. Candidates can apply online and managers are able to access files, tools and reports on-the-go from any Internet-enabled laptop, Smartphone or tablet with the SaaS-based model. Additionally, PeopleMatter’s three modules - Hire, Schedule and Engage - span the entire employee life cycle, from screening candidates in the hiring process to creating an HR checklist to fully “close-out” employees during the offboarding procedures.

PeopleMatter released its first module, PeopleMatter Hire, in September 2010. Hire features a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows employers to quickly and easily identify, track and hire qualified, service-minded employees. Applications such as tax credit processing, hiring assessments and background checks can be embedded within The Hire module also includes automated onboarding and offboarding, tools that make tedious HR tasks an automated breeze with organized, electronic filing and form completion.

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