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National Restaurant Association Endorses RSPA's Certification Program

The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), an association dedicated to the retail technology industry and the center for industry education, recently announced the National Restaurant Association's (NRA) recommendation of the RSPA Certification Program. The RSPA is an industry association whose members are among the POS Industry's leading providers of POS hardware, software, integration, installation, training, and service.
The NRA recently released the 8 Essential Elements of POS Ownership, a guide to restaurant owners on how they should choose their retail technology providers. The 8th essential advises restaurateurs to understand and know their POS System Provider, specifically it reads, "NRA recommends using an RSPA Certified POS System provider who endorses the Eight Essentials. The POS System providers can be found by visiting the RSPA website to check for certifications, references and/or make comments by visiting"
This endorsement comes on the heels of the enhanced RSPA certification program that includes not only company certification but individual Certificate Programs for Support and Sales Specialists. The Support and Sales Specialist Certificate programs set baseline technical performance and professional standards for reseller staff in the retail technology industry who wish to credential their skills. Both of these certificate programs along with the overall company certification include RSPA's PCIwise courses in the core curriculum. PCIwise is a set of educational courses about Payment Card security compliance available to RSPA members and their customers.
"RSPA's Certification Program aligns with NRA's mission which is to provide our members with information to help them make the best business decisions. Choosing a technology or POS vendor is an important part of running any restaurant and we believe our members should look at an RSPA Certified company as they've been proven reliable, knowledgeable and adhere to the principals within the 8 Essentials. This document regarding POS Ownership was developed to provide restaurant operators with the tools and information necessary to select the appropriate POS vendor," said David Gilbert, chief operating officer, National Restaurant Association.
The NRA & RSPA will be distributing the 8 Essential Elements of POS Ownership to their members as well as placing it on their respective websites.
"RSPA is the center for Industry Education providing industry specific information to help members elevate their businesses. The RSPA Certification Program affords our Members the opportunity to differentiate themselves in today's marketplace.  Together, RSPA's Education and Certification Programs provide the customer with a clear choice of a proven, reliable and knowledgeable retail technology provider," says Joseph Finizio, president and CEO, RSPA.
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