MoZONE & Star Micronics Partner to Bring Mobile In-Venue Ordering to Bars, Restaurants, CafÉs, and Coffee Shops

Star Micronics, a provider of point of sale and proof of transaction technology, announced that it has joined forces with MoZONE, a prover of in proximity marketing and customer engagement services, to enable mobile in-venue ordering for thousands of businesses across North America, Europe, and Asian Pacific.
This partnership will enable any QSR, Bar, or CafÉ owner to allow customers to order from their smartphone when they enter the venue, approach the drive thru, or sit down at a table, thus eliminating standing in line, or waiting for a server to take their order. Unlike existing solutions available today, with MoZONE’s Self Ordering system and a Star Micronics TSP100ECO printer, customers no longer have to download an application to use the system. The system will recognize returning customers, preload past orders, offer the customer more choices and ‘favorites,’ and provide real-time discounts, therefore boosting customer loyalty and repeat visits.
Restaurants and bars, regardless of their point of sale system – even those using legacy, on-premise software – can now virtually and immediately add Star/MoZONE’s Self Ordering  system to their operations. Pre-integrated with a Star receipt printer, orders are automatically printed to reduce time and improve order accuracy. This solution will help to increase kitchen throughput and table turnover and will decrease customer wait times.
The MoZONE/Star system collects real-time customer analytics to identify busy times and reduce the burden on the wait staff.  Customers can message the wait staff when they want to order more, or when they are ready to pay. Customer ‘selfies’ can accompany orders, making it easier for wait staff to deliver the order quickly and efficiently.
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