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Maitre'D POS Connects with RTI for Food & Labor Cost Savings

Restaurants using the Maitre’D POS from Posera Software can now manage food and labor costs using the RTIconnect Back Office system from RTI (Restaurant Technology, Inc.). The new interface will enable restaurant operators to integrate POS data with RTIconnect and access reports that show how sales data from the Maitre’D POS affects operations.
This POS interface was developed at the request of quick-service and fast-casual restaurant operators who use the Maitre’D point-of-sale at their restaurants and wanted to consolidate back office functions with RTIconnect. The new interface allows those restaurants to import hourly sales, tills, product mix, and time punch data directly into RTIconnect, ultimately using that data to improve food and labor costs and control cash.
The RTIconnect back office system currently interfaces with more than 35 different POS systems, including most of the major quick-service POS providers. Additional integration points include accounting systems, payroll providers, time clocks, and vendor/ordering partners.

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