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Lodging Interactive Cites Top 5 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Not a Best Practice

Relevancy, not redundancy, is key to mobile website success. This is the message that Lodging Interactive is stressing to hotel marketers in 2013. The interactive and social media marketing agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, which also receives numerous hotel website design awards annually, says hoteliers need to be mindful that placing too much content on their mobile website can be more of a traveler deterrent rather than an incentive to book or buy.
Lodging Interactive identifies the Top 5 Reasons that Responsive Web Design is Not a Best Practice:
"One Web" May 'Fit' All, But Should It? 
While RWD aims to scale and stream web content to a variety of mobile devices with differing screen sizes, it may not be the best option for hotels or brands looking to deliver unique and innovative experiences to guests. A key reason that consumers have become dependent on mobile technology is that it provides them with a shortcut to instant information. If a traveler had the time available to navigate through multiple pages of hotel information and peruse photos, read reviews, etc., chances are he or she would do so via the proprietary website via a laptop, desktop or tablet.
RWD Increases Data Load Time
Consumers are flocking to mobile technology because of its convenience and easy access to information. Those benefits become moot when a user is trying to load content from a 50-page hotel website. A mobile web version would dramatically reduce data load time and simultaneously remove any undue stress associated with trying to access hotel information.
RWD Ignores the Core Desires of Users
Studies show that consumers are using their smartphones as a primary device versus a PC or laptop. As this market continues to grow, it makes good business sense to deliver data in a way that is relevant to this target audience. Mobile savvy consumers are leaving the PC environment for a reason. Bombarding them with an overabundance of traditional web content is pointless.
RWD Takes Longer to Build and is More Expensive
Just keeping up with the demands of maintaining a hotel's mobile strategy is challenging. Why complicate the matter by establishing a plan that is challenging to execute and costly to build? Standard mobile website development takes far less time and at a cost much less than what a typical Responsive Website Designer would charge.
RWD Content Management is Cumbersome
If you thought implementing the RWD program was difficult, try managing the content on an ongoing basis and updating images, descriptions, promotions, etc. on the fly. Lodging Interactive assumes the content management role for its Mobile Website customers. Not only does this take a lot of pressure off hoteliers shoulders, but it guarantees that all content remains fresh and relevant for mobile customers.
Mobile Website Design Making a Difference
Lodging Interactive offers customized, hosted mobile solutions for hotels and resorts of all sizes and brand affiliations. The technology enables fast download time for all iPhone and Blackberry users worldwide, along with easy navigation, stunning image photo galleries and connections to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, Lodging Interactive's mobile marketing services enable direct hotel-to-consumer communications via SMS text messaging.
Lodging Interactive's mobile website service enables hotels to offer mobile users a dynamic and streamlined user experience regardless of mobile device. Pages can detail the property, including description of rooms, amenities, premise, packages, restaurants, spas, recreation facilities, loyalty programs and online reservations. Additional features may include mapping and directions, click-to-call functionality, photo gallery, embedded video capability, convention and/or meeting listings, social media links, guest reviews and more. Mobile website management and hosting also is provided by Lodging Interactive. The company's mobile website code automatically redirects mobile users to the hotel’s mobile website.

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