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Living with Uncertainty

What’s going to happen next?

For much of 2020, that phrase has become a refrain. From the pandemic to wildfires to hurricanes to politics, sometimes the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty.

We propose that it can be a profitable exercise to embrace uncertainty, to harness the power of the phrase, “What’s going to happen next?”

After all, that word next plays a vital role in Hospitality Technology’s mission. Our upcoming virtual conference, HT-NEXT, will be held in a simulated hotel environment called HOTEL NEXT (learn more at and will focus on emerging tech solutions to help hoteliers meet current and future challenges. Our Restaurant Next virtual conference, a partnership with the Restaurant Technology Network that took place October 12 & 13, assembled 36 industry experts to take a deep dive into the ways technology is driving customer experience, efficiency, and ROI. HT, in collaboration with our partners at HTNG, RTN, and across the industry, is doing its best to identify what’s coming next.

Our feature story, “Predictive Analytics: What We Can Do Today to Prepare for Tomorrow,” offers insights into best practices for leveraging the consumer data that hospitality brands are gathering to make actionable predictions about how best to deliver service and value to guests. “Restaurant Reinvention” is packed with what’s-happening-now reports from eateries across North America that are finding new and effective ways to connect with guests at the curbside and drive-thru, via mobile ordering, and with innovative designs and robotics. “Are You Meeting Guest Expectations?” explores all the ways that the hotel guest experience is rapidly evolving to embrace touchless experiences from check-in through check-out, plus essential guest and staff communications, the importance of offering outdoor activities, and more.

What do you think is going to happen next? As always, my digital door is open. Let me know what you think ([email protected]).

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