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Jets, Giants and Jack

I know it was only pre-season football, but in my house a Jets-Giants game stirs things up nicely. As the Jets fan, I was a little sore on Tuesday morning following the 31-16 loss to Big Blue. Thankfully, Jack in the Box came to the rescue with a perfectly-timed dose of comic relief.

I spent some time on the quick service restaurant company's website,, while doing research for their HT cover story. The site was re-launched last March with a host of interactive new tools. Visitors can view the company's award-winning television ads, review nutritional information and purchase gift cards. The coolest part of the new site is a virtual tour of company "founder" Jack's office. The fictitious founder, a stuffed suit with a jack-in-the-box head complete with pointy hat, has some pretty neat office supplies. My personal favorite is the interactive telephone that lets you send personalized emails or phone calls, with Jack himself as the messenger. You can call in sick, quit your job, ask for a raise, dump your significant other, or my personal favorite, you can trash talk. Within a few minutes, I had a fully personalized video email to send. And of course, anyone who receives a message is prompted to create their own in an effective viral marketing approach.

"Your team stinks, Joe," Jack smugly told the Giants fan in my house. Your website rocks, Jack.

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