Hypercom's Optimum 4200 Countertop & Mobile Products Achieve PCI PTS 2.1 Security Approval

High security electronic and digital transactions solutions provider Hypercom Corporation has announced that both its Optimum T4200-2.0 countertop and M4200-2.0 mobile product lines have achieved PCI PTS 2.1 certification, the payment security standard formerly called PCI PED.
The certification covers the company's fixed countertop and mobile payment terminals sold in markets throughout Europe, including the Optimum T4210-2.0 (dial), T4220-2.0 (Ethernet with dial), T4230-2.0 (GPRS with dial) countertop and M4230-2.0 GPRS and M4240-2.0 Bluetooth mobile card payment terminals. These products include additional features such as USB host and client, SD (Secure Digital) card reader, extra serial ports and space-saving ergonomics.
Each Optimum terminal also incorporates Hypercom's full X509 PKI (public key infrastructure) HyperSafe Secure security layer to protect the terminal and applications from hacking and malware attacks. Protecting the operational procedures and maintenance of payment terminals is just as important as protecting cardholder data. Hypercom's HyperSafe suite of security products defends terminals from rogue applications and malware, protects the terminal management system from communicating with fraudulent terminals and provides the industry's only remote key management system. The key benefit for banks, processors and large retailers: protects their investment in the point of sale estate, reduces the potential for fraudulent use of terminals and ensures the secure transport of cryptographic keys.

In meeting the latest PIN entry device security requirements set for newly introduced products by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), Hypercom's popular Optimum 4200 products are in compliance for sales until 2017.

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