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HotSchedules Teams with My Recruiting Center

HotSchedules is partnering with My Recruiting Center (MRC), which provides paperless applicant-tracking systems and employee onboarding solutions that streamline the employee-hiring process, reducing costs and increasing tax credit opportunities.

This partnership will result in the ability for HotSchedules to provide a fully integrated single sign-on suite of labor-management and hiring solutions with expanded features to its existing customer base of more than 7,000 restaurants and hospitality-related businesses, as well as to new customers seeking a more efficient hiring process. Features of MRC include a job template library, one-click advertising on a variety of job boards, applicant tracking, tax credit and background screenings, and paperless state and federal form completion, among other notable conveniences. These expanded services from MRC will be offered by HotSchedules under a new name, GoHire, and are immediately available to HotSchedules clients on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.

HotSchedules and MRC have overwhelmingly complementary goals in the delivery of their products and services. Both companies have similarly customer-centric and service-oriented cultures. And both are focused on the goals of simplifying labor-hiring and management processes, reducing the cost and time burdens that traditional labor-hiring and management processes place on managers and staff. As such, this partnership provides incredible opportunities to advance HotSchedules’ goals of helping the restaurant and hospitality industries be more efficient and cost-effective in managing their labor forces. The addition of GoHire is well-suited to HotSchedules’ suite of products, including the Team and POS-integrated Workforce and Digital Logbook solutions, which help restaurants and hospitality clients more accurately forecast labor needs and sales projections while controlling costs and increasing productivity.


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