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Hotel Boosts In-Room Revenue with Auto Minibars

Sama Hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport is boosting guestroom revenues while keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently, with Bartech automated minibars. The newly renovated and rebranded Sama-Sama Hotel, a 5-star hotel formerly under the Pan Pacific flag, has installed Bartech's fully automatic minibars in all 442 guestrooms. The minibars are fitted with custom glass doors and communicate over an Ethernet network.

Sama-Sama Hotel will also implement eTrays in their 100 suites and executive rooms to increase their in-room product offering, as Bartech eTrays are proven to be efficient in boosting a hotel's in-room revenue. Like all Bartech products, eTrays are available in various sizes and flexible finishes to fit any in-room decoration. Sama-Sama Hotel opted for an elegantly modern black aluminum finish.

By opting for Bartech automatic minibars, hotels are often able to significantly reduce the number of minibar attendants on staff and simultaneously increase revenue from minibar sales.

Sama-Sama Hotel's managers initially selected Bartech automatic minibars last summer, while the hotel was still affiliated with the Pan Pacific brand. Pan Pacific Hotels Group is a longtime satisfied Bartech customer. Given its location-it is linked to bustling Kuala Lumpur International Airport via sky bridge-Sama-Sama Hotel boasts high occupancy rates and constant guest turnover. As such, the hotel greatly values streamlined checkout processes as well as efficient operational controls and labor efficiencies, all of which Bartech contributes to and which were driving factors for Bartech's selection.

As part of the hotel's renovation, Sama-Sama Hotel's management team placed considerable emphasis on enhancing its green credentials. A standard option on Bartech's automatic minibars is the Computerized Energy Saving System (CESS), technology that monitors and adjusts cooling production according to guestroom status, hotel occupancy, and other criteria. All of this helps hotels reduce their energy consumption tremendously.

Bartech offers an array of customizable automatic minibars that are designed to maximize revenue and save hoteliers time and money through increased efficiency. Bartech is also the only minibar provider to incorporate three different types of sensor technologies into their advanced product design, including infrared, magnetic and micro-switch. This allows Bartech minibars to use the most effective and reliable technology for each type of product dispensed, maximizing reliability and efficiency of the minibar operation and minimizing guest disputes.

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