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GuestCentric's New Hotel Customer Engagement Platform Leverages Power of Viral Marketing Strategies

GuestCentric, the Software-as-a-Service provider for the independent hotel industry, announced the launch of a new customer engagement platform. The word-of-mouth revolution led by the explosive growth of social networking sites Twitter and Facebook gives hotels access to a new direct distribution and marketing channel to customers. This new platform allows hotel operators to easily expand their brand with the use of viral marketing strategies and at the same time engage social networking customers by making them feel special.

GuestCentric's Customer Engagement platform includes:

  • Guest finder: GuestCentric's Guest finder helps hoteliers to easily find potential customers that are planning a trip to a specific city or are looking for specific dates, features etc.
  • Portable booking link: This gadget enables hoteliers to create a link to the booking engine and sell a specific promotion or room type at a specific date and easily send it to a specific social media customer, embed in an email, etc.
  • Special Twitter promotion: GuestCentric has the first booking engine with a native Twitter follower restriction that allows hoteliers to offer special deals and packages to hotel followers.
  • Itinerary sharing: GuestCentric is the first booking engine that allows sharing trip information with friends. This viral marketing tool extends the brand by reaching out to thousands of people using the social media outlets.
  • Reputation: The Customer Engagement platform searches, monitors and consolidates what people are saying about a property in a multitude of social media channels like TripAdvisor, Twitter, blogs, news, Facebook and others.
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