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Entropic Partners with P&F USA to Simplify the Hospitality TV Experience

Entropic Communications, Inc. and P&F USA, the exclusive licensee for Philips Hospitality in North America, have announced combining Philips hospitality televisions with Entropic’s Broadband Access silicon solution allowing broadband service to be delivered to hotel rooms where there is not a dedicated Ethernet broadband infrastructure wire to each room. This enables both TV and broadband services to hotel rooms over existing coaxial cable; allowing guests to take advantage of new infotainment and over-the-top (OTT) video services via the hotel room TV.
Entropic’s Broadband Access solution is based on the MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax) standard and will allow guests to gain access to advanced IP-based services, such as broadband access and streamed IP video (VOD). Hotel owners benefit as they can deliver enhanced applications over the existing coaxial cable without the need to re-wire rooms for broadband and video service.
The Philips Hospitality product line featuring Entropic’s technology ensures advanced access to hotel services and amenities. This new, fully integrated solution will be available in both 32” and 40” screen sizes, and offers delivery of uniform services and features across a RF (radio frequency) network while eliminating the need for additional hardware. With Entropic, these hotel services are delivered via a single cable to the TV; making it ideal for applications where coax is the only wiring infrastructure that is available in the hotel.
The new Philips Hospitality line featuring Entropic’s technology will be available to hoteliers beginning in the 2nd half of 2012.

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