EAT24 Launches its Own Competitor with New App

EAT24, the app for ordering food online, has announced it's releasing a new food delivery app called HANGRY. Similar to the EAT24 app, HANGRY facilitates online ordering but with one crucial difference: Rather than display a long list of restaurant and food options, the HANGRY app randomly chooses a restaurant and generates an order for the user, like food roulette.
EAT24 started developing the HANGRY app when they noticed a few key patterns in user behavior. The restaurant search results page has the highest drop-off rate of any page in the app, which means when returning customers search for a new restaurant on EAT24, almost 70% of them give up and re-order from their order history.
The HANGRY app seeks to combat this tendency by allowing users to try new items without spending hours browsing menus. The app offers a minimal number of options (cuisine preference and number of people eating) and then uses geo-location technology to choose a restaurant in delivery range. A customized algorithm selects popular items from each menu category and assembles a complete meal. Users can swipe to generate new meal options until they land on something they like, then checkout in just a few more clicks to complete the order.
Currently only available on iPhone, the HANGRY app features clean and simple 1-click order generation with no fuss and no frills. With thousands of downloads and orders already, the HANGRY app is on pace to surpass EAT24 as everyone's favorite way to order food online.
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