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Decision Logic Release Aims to Boost Restaurant Productivity

Decision Logic’s new version 3.9 software release provides users additional tools to access accurate and timely data regarding restaurant operations. New features include enhanced data on product usage, added ability to store scanned documents and additional options for sorting and reporting data.
Restaurant executives will appreciate:
  • Enhanced reporting to detail product velocity (usage) data
  • New ability to store scanned images of invoices attached to electronic invoice information
  • New ability to “lock” declining budget report periods to keep data synced with accounting systems
Daily users will experience:
  • Enhanced report options including drill down variance information on daily hot counts
  • Enhanced detail for server and manager reporting
  • New prediction options for daily production sheet
  • Refined vendor bid file management
  • New daily check-off list for restaurants using audit log
Work is already underway for future Decision Logic updates which will include streamlined order and entry areas to provide easier information access for store managers. Additional updates will include enhancements to ingredient tracking and a streamlined maintenance area for customer support.
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