Dallas’ New Restaurant Concept Incubator Opts for Subscription-based POS

Dallas is getting a new complex focused, in part, on fostering the growth and development of new restaurant concepts. In an effort to keep upfront technology costs low for its new start-ups while still providing flexibility, Trinity Groves implemented the subscription-based Aloha POS as-a-service (POSaaS) from NCR Corporation.
The complex will initially consist of approximately 125,000 square feet of restaurant, retail and entertainment outlets on roughly 15 acres. The nucleus of the project is the “Restaurant Concept Incubator,” which will give restaurateurs a venue to submit and test market burgeoning new concepts.
Two restaurants currently use the POSaaS solution and 12 more are planned within the next two years. Trinity Groves selected NCR because of its low-risk, flexible subscription program that combines software, hardware, data security services, maintenance and helpdesk support services in one all-inclusive monthly payment.
“We were looking for an industry-leading POS solution that could fit our incubator model and the flexibility and financial impact of the NCR Aloha POS made it highly attractive to us,” said Phil Romano, co-owner and developer of Trinity Groves. “By saving money on the initial investment, our restaurant owners are able to deploy more of the upfront capital into improvements that are tangible and visible to their customers, therefore creating a more positive dining experience.”
Trinity Groves values the ability to and/or remove components as needed, which has helped the restaurants deploy the solution faster and easier. The POSaaS solution also gives the restaurants access to software upgrades and new technology features as they become available.
“With the NCR solution, we’re able to make smart decisions to reduce costs, increase sales and deliver an exceptional customer experience – all at a price point we can afford,” Scott Koller, general manager, Hofmann Hots, a Trinity Groves restaurant. “The POS as a Service program enabled us to free up capital and reallocate funds to other strategic initiatives. I love that I can focus on managing our restaurant, not our technology.”
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