Bridg Unveils New Digital Marketing Platform

Bridg said it unveiled its new marketing platform that bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar restaurants and retailers, allowing them to identify and connect with individual customers within the online universe. Restaurant brands such as Papa Gino’s, Veggie Grill and Hungry Howie's are leveraging Bridg’s enhanced digital marketing platform to understand their customers, predict purchase behavior and transform their businesses.
Digital companies like Amazon have long demonstrated the effectiveness of precision marketing through online and social media, but it’s been impossible for restaurants and retail operating in the brick-and-mortar world to duplicate those capabilities. The company's new technology is enabling restaurant and retail chains to deliver personalized ad messages directly to individual customers across mobile, social, email, SMS and display media. The technology can decipher new from loyal customers and speak to each of them in unique ways. Likewise, it can reach lapsed customers with a specific invitation to entice them back before they’re lost forever. The results are immediate, measurable, cost-effective and transformative.
Papa Gino’s Pizza, a regional pizza chain based in Boston, MA, called on Bridg to help re-engage lapsing customers and drive them to its new online ordering platform. Bridg’s Digital Marketing Platform analyzed the individual buying patterns of Papa Gino’s customers and identified those most at risk of defecting, in real time, as soon as they began to lapse. Bridg served targeted ads to those customers across multiple of channels, producing immediately positive ROI.
“Bridg helped us engage and recover lapsing customers before we lost them to our competitors, producing a meaningful ROI on our marketing spend in a short amount of time. They also accelerated the adoption of our new online ordering platform. Their platform allows us to target in ways that are not otherwise available," said Peter Cronin, senior vice president of brand strategy at Papa Gino’s.
Veggie Grill called on Bridg to help support their VG Rewards App download campaign through display advertising. Bridg’s Digital Marketing Platform created an audience segment of non-app guests and reached them through Facebook and a variety of other digital channels.
“Bridg allowed us to capture new guest emails and immediately convert them to our mobile app. This campaign demonstrated a low cost per lead,” said Leah Smith, senior vice president of marketing, Veggie Grill.
Hungry Howie’s leverages Bridg’s Digital Marketing Platform to reactivate lapsed guests and to increase the frequency of their visits.
“Understanding buying patterns at an individual level enables Hungry Howie’s to connect with our customers much more effectively at a one-to-one level,” says Rob Elliott, executive vice president of strategic marketing, Hungry Howie's.
Key components of this platform include:
  • Omni-Channel Messaging: With Bridg, restaurants and retailers now reach customers across all digital channels, including display, mobile, social, email and SMS.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Bridg aggregates all customer data into one master CRM, combining customer transaction data with identities of unique individuals.
  • Lifecycle Marketing Engine: By applying predictive intelligence, Bridg is able to automate and change marketing campaigns based on real-time changes in customer purchasing behavior.

With this technology, Bridg enables restaurant and retail marketers to identify individual customers, segment their buying patterns, and then deliver personalized advertising messages across social media, web and mobile channels. The result is increased customer retention and sales growth by engaging specific customers within the digital news, entertainment and social media channels they love.
Bridg harnesses the power of customer data collected in a restaurant or retail chain’s point-of-sale (POS), loyalty and other platforms to understand the purchase behaviors of individual customers, then applies proprietary predictive analytics to model future behaviors and develop one-to-one marketing messages that improve loyalty, stimulate action and drive results. With Bridg, these highly personalized messages are then delivered directly to customers within the mobile and online channels where they live, work and play.
Bridg integrates seamlessly with any restaurant’s current systems, typically through a process that requires only a few hours from the company’s IT staff. 

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