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A&W Canada Improves Satisfaction with Real-Time Feedback

A&W Food Services of Canada, Inc. is improving guest satisfaction with Loop™ Mobile Customer Engagement by Benbria®. As part of an ongoing initiative to maximize the guest experience, A&W Canada deployed a more sophisticated method of engaging with dine-in, take-out and drive-thru customers – and acting on their insights, requests and comments in real-time. 
A&W considered several options to address their requirements, including commercially available survey systems, however, they did not provide the level of real-time, location-based operational sophistication required for collecting specific guest comments on the quality of food, service and facilities, and closing the feedback loop on them immediately – preferably while the guest was still in the restaurant.
Loop™ helped A&W meet this challenge by giving guests the ability to quickly and easily rate their satisfaction levels in three seconds or less based on three key questions: Was your meal delicious? Were we fast and friendly? Were the facilities clean? Guests are given two different methods for providing their Loop satisfaction ratings, depending on the nature of their restaurant visit. In-store, take-out and drive-thru guests can enter their Loop ratings on a mobile web-based app. In-store guests also have the ability to enter their Loop ratings on an iPad located at a kiosk in the restaurant.
Another unique and powerful feature of the Loop solution is its live electronic scoreboard, which gives restaurant staff real-time visibility into guest satisfaction metrics. Loop gives staff the ability to watch the counts go up in each category instantaneously as guests enter their Loop ratings.
From an operational perspective, the live scoreboard gives A&W staff a huge advantage in terms of agility and responsiveness. If at any time staff members notice an uptick in negative ratings in one or more categories, then they can immediately investigate potential causes and take the appropriate corrective action.
To date, more than 15% of A&W customers are using Loop to provide valuable input, a rate that is fifteen times higher than standard industry metrics. Response rates tend to be higher when the scoreboard is made visible to guests, suggesting that transparency and an awareness of being measured adds an important element of gamification to the process that makes guests more likely to participate.
Loop also gives A&W customers the option of commenting on specific aspects of their restaurant experience. Loop immediately relays guest comments to the restaurant manager, who is notified by text or email and can access the messages on a mobile device or computer and respond immediately – in effect closing the Loop with the customer to ensure their satisfaction.
While Loop distinguishes itself operationally in its ability to collect, display and direct actionable customer experience data in real time to staff, it also gives managers the ability to view detailed metrics over a specific time period, such as a shift, a day or a week. This at-a-glance “heat map” view is a critical tool for helping managers to identify specific periods when ratings were unusually high or unusually low.  Managers can use this data to help identify the causes behind guest experience variations and devise strategies to replicate success and improve on weak results.
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