AirTight Adds Captive Portal, Walled Garden to Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Service

At the opening of the 2011 PCI SSC North American Community Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, AirTight Networks, provider of wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) and AirTight Cloud Services for PCI wireless compliance scanning and Wi-Fi access, announced the addition of Captive Portal and Walled Garden capabilities to its portfolio of Cloud Services - a suite of managed services which includes AirTight Secure Wi-Fi. The new capabilities allow restaurants, hospitality venues and retailers to expand their relationship with customers with Wi-Fi based value-added services such as customized content and e-coupon special deals.
AirTight Cloud Services provide a secure WLAN network with minimum cost and complexity while satisfying all PCI DSS wireless security requirements at no additional expense. The addition of captive portal and walled garden capabilities now allows merchants to expand their interaction with guests to provide opt-in localized content, create loyalty programs and garner in-store customer feedback.
Wi-Fi access, which AirTight launched at NRF earlier this year, is offered as hosted, cloud-based, secure Wi-Fi access, PCI scanning, and network security in a single device. AirTight Cloud Services are offered as three levels with an automated upgrade to any of the other modules as needed:
  • AirTight Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi access with captive portal/walled garden
  • Wireless IPS
  • Compliance scanning and reporting
  • Real time alerts
  • PCI Wireless Compliance
  • Automated compliance scanning and reporting
  • Real time alerts
  • Wireless Security
  • Wireless IDS
  • Continuous threat scanning and alerting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom reporting
  • Wireless IPS
  • Continuous threat detection
  • Automated threat blocking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Customized reporting and alerting
  • Real time alerts
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