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Uniguest Unveils Products That Deliver Information, Entertainment to Hotel Lobby

Uniguest has unveiled two new products that engage guests in hotel common areas as never before. TouchTable is a touch-screen coffee table that allows guests to surf the web or collaborate without leaving the lounge, and TabletDispenser gives guests convenient, individual access to secure tablets in the lobby.
Both products are part of SocialAdvantage, a new suite of customizable solutions that Uniguest has created to make it simpler for hotels to upgrade the features in their common areas to support guests' changing expectations for easily-accessible information and entertainment.  The six total products in SocialAdvantage work together or alone so hotels of all types and sizes can easily create or expand social areas to increase guest satisfaction and traffic.
The two new products available in SocialAdvantage are:
TouchTable, a coffee table with a high definition multi-touch screen that allows guests to view hotel offerings, order food or other services, explore the surrounding area, surf the web, and play single and multi-player games without leaving their seats in the lounge.  The system supports up to four users at once, who can use a segment of the screen individually, or rotate it to share with others. Using Apple’s AirPlay, guests can share photos, videos and even apps from their iOS devices with the TouchTable. Built-in USB ports allow guests to charge their devices and share files. TouchTable can be customized to coordinate with hotel dÉcor or retrofitted into existing furniture. The TouchTable is available in a 32” screen, ideal for one or two simultaneous users, and in 44” and 46” screens suitable for up to four users.
TabletDispenser, which displays and charges any combination of up to six iPads and Android tablets behind the front desk for guest use. When a guest is finished with the tablet and it is returned to the wall-mounted rack, sensitive information is erased, programs are returned to default settings and the device is recharged. The dispenser is customizable to include either a printed insert or a digital sign that displays the time, weather, hotel events or any other information. As with all of Uniguest’s computer-based products, each tablet is protected against harmful or malicious use by Uniguest’s SecuredAdvantage software.
SocialAdvantage also includes these proprietary Uniguest products:
ConciergeStation is a 23- or 42-inch touch screen kiosk that allows hotel guests to quickly view weather, headlines and discover local events, attractions and restaurants. Information of interest, including driving directions, can be printed, emailed or texted from ConciergeStation. ConciergeStation can be customized to prominently feature hotel dining, services and amenities.
FlightBoard brings critical flight information to guests in the comfort of the hotel lobby. A necessity for hotels catering to air travelers, FlightBoard also displays weather, news headlines and prominently features hotel branding.
GuestAdvantage is Uniguest’s web-based portal for general guest needs. Through any web connection, including mobile devices and IPTV’s, a guest can order room service, book hotel amenities, request room maintenance and more. Through GuestAdvantage, guests can easily view everything the hotel has to offer and the hotel can manage its quality of services.
SecuredAdvantage, Uniguest’s best in class security software, ensures that all the Uniguest devices guests are using are secure. Running silently in the background of every Uniguest digital touchpoint, SecuredAdvantage blocks incoming threats posed by hackers and viruses and securely erases guests’ personal information between sessions.

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