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Two-Way Radio Communications Company Offers Green Incentive Program

Two Way Direct launched in 2004 in San Diego, California out of president Brandon Ocampo's living room, and has since grown over 310% in the past 12 months alone enabling its consumers to enhance efficiency in the workplace by providing the latest in two-way radio communication and offering consumers a competitive edge. Now, the company is pleased to announce an additional incentive to corporations--and especially hotels--interested in recycling their outdated two-way radios with their 2009 "Recycle and Save" campaign.

Hotels can take advantage of the "Recycle and Save" offer and receive an addition $100 off each new waterproof IC-F50V/F60V Series when they trade-in any working or non-working, handheld radio. In tough economic times, Two Way Direct is finding a way to stay environmentally friendly while increasing efficiency for their clients by offering them incentives to reuse and recycle.

Two Way Direct offers top-of-the-line radios from Icom America, Inc. and Klein Electronics, and became Land Mobile Dealers Top 3 Fastest Growing Dealers of 2008. Current and past clients have included General Electric, Costco,, Omni Hotels, Four Seasons, and many more.
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