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Top Restaurant Management and Tech Mistakes Revealed

Restaurant consultant, Aaron Allen – who has represented more than 10,000 restaurants spanning six continents and 45 countries – has released his list of the 80 Most Common Restaurant Mistakes found among both independent and chain restaurants. The list does draw attention to some blunders that can be easily remedied with technology.
Some of these gaffes include:
* QSR or Fast Casual operators still using static boards versus migrating to digital (28% higher ROI)
* Menu not on website or can’t be accessed from a mobile phone browser
* Physical menus overly susceptible to wear and tear (food, grease, tears, water stains, etc.)
* Waiting too late to adjust or adjusting too fast to inventory price fluctuations
* Not engaged in digital marketing or social media because it is intimidating or “too new”
* Website is deficient or an afterthought (33% of customers visit website before choosing a restaurant to go to for the first time)
* Programs to build customer database absent or lacking – don’t know who their customers are
* Spending money on mass media advertising rather than new and more effective channels such as digital marketing, publicity, web search (SEO/SEM), publicity programs, viral marketing, improved training with use of technology, mobile marketing, etc.

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