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Tech Stack Drives City Barbeque's Off-Premise Business

Radius Networks, an enterprise location technology platform, and Bounteous, a digital experience consultancy, team up to power City Barbeque's off-premise solutions.

City Barbeque is a fast-casual barbeque chain with 53 locations across eight states with a passion for digital innovations and technology. With very little curbside business pre-pandemic, City Barbeque had committed themselves to establishing a flawless, VIP pickup experience to allow guests to receive their food without having to leave their car.

Integrations with other systems are driving POS purchase decisions for 86% of restaurants, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends Report

City BBQ handoff

Flybuy Pickup has proven to be extremely successful for City Barbeque with wait times currently averaging an astounding 1:28 minutes and customer satisfaction ratings averaging 96%! Here are a few quotes from City Barbeque customers using Flybuy Pickup: 

“It was THE BEST! They always have it ready by the time I get there. This time, they saw me pull into the parking lot. I didn’t even have to park! Superior!”

“The fastest pick up experience I’ve ever had at City Barbeque!"

“We pulled up and we’re immediately met with our food! Could not have had a better pick up experience than that!”

“Flybuy was one of the most seamless and impactful rollouts that I’ve done in my career,” says Bryan Myers, Chief Information Officer at City Barbeque. “The technology is intuitive and the numbers speak for themselves. We are excited to leverage Flybuy technology for some of our new initiatives, including drive-thru and loyalty redemption.” 

City Barbeque Launches FlyBuy Pickup Technology for Curbside Service

To take it a step further and ensure that the City Barbeque staff did not miss an incoming order, they rolled out Flybuy LED Tablets at every location. These tablets provide the staff with audio and visual alerts for incoming customers. After implementing these tablets, wait times were further reduced by 60%.

In addition to a flawless pickup experience, City Barbeque is exploring other Flybuy solutions, including Flybuy Notify, currently being integrated with the Bounteous mobile app, and Flybuy Drive-Thru. Flybuy Notify is a location-based, customer engagement solution that drives meaningful, location-based loyalty and marketing engagements through the lifecycle of the customer journey as they are nearby and within the venue.  Flybuy Drive-Thru is a location-based solution for automating customer identification, loyalty redemption, mobile offer redemption, and personalization in the drive-thru.    

The app is built with Bounteous’ proprietary technology accelerator, NomNom. NomNom is pre-integrated with Flybuy and other platforms (ordering, loyalty, etc) to improve time-to-market for custom app builds. The integration between Flybuy and Bounteous enables brands to work more efficiently and prioritize each curbside order based on a customer’s exact location and accurate arrival time. 

City BBQ app Bounteous
NomNom is pre-integrated with Flybuy and other platforms (ordering, loyalty, etc) to improve time-to-market for custom app builds.
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