Taffer’s Tavern Uses VR Workforce Training

Krowne used its VR bar design capabilities and advanced robotic machinery to design and manufacture cutting-edge bars for the new Taffer’s Tavern franchise.

Taffer’s Tavern, the tavern concept created by hospitality expert and business consultant Jon Taffer, worked with Krowne to bring Taffer's "Bar of the Future" vision to life with cutting-edge bar equipment, efficient design and advanced training programs.

A Bar Experience Created with VR 

“Just as we’re implementing the latest in food preparation techniques and technology in the Taffer’s Tavern kitchen design, I wanted to craft an efficient, state-of-the-art bar area, as well,” said Taffer, star and executive producer of the TV series Bar Rescue. “Krowne has built a legacy of bar equipment excellence, but what is truly differentiating is the way they combine cutting-edge technology, such as 3D renderings and virtual reality, to create a bar experience for Taffer’s Tavern that benefits guests, bartenders and restaurant operators.”

In collaborating with Taffer, Krowne used its proprietary 3D bar configurator, signature Zero-Step design process for cocktail preparation, and VR training programs to create the inaugural Taffer’s Tavern bar design.

Always ahead of the industry curve, Taffer first established the Taffer’s Safe Dining System as a signature approach to building trust and transparency with patrons by committing to the highest safety standards. Now, as many restaurants are working to adapt existing protocols to adhere to pandemic-related safety requirements, Taffer’s Tavern follows a blueprint that inherently builds safety into the restaurant design, staff training and food preparation techniques. The Krowne partnership adds to this approach, offering innovative barware handling equipment and technology.

Krowne’s new liquid CO2 glass frosters not only chills glasses instantly without condensation to maintain the ideal cocktail serving temperature and taste profile, but it also sanitizes the glass upon contact with the super-cooled, dry gas. 

Optimized Design

Taffer’s innovative bar layout for Taffer’s Tavern includes “bar cockpits” designed for service efficiency. He worked with Krowne throughout the design process to create the workstations, which allow cocktails to be made without the bartender taking a single step.

“We take this process very seriously, because every decision made during the layout phase will impact the bar efficiency and profitability down the road,” said Forman. “With our comprehensive understanding of the Taffer’s Tavern beverage program, along with our Zero-Step approach, we were able to eliminate inefficacies, design additional storage, and increase volume capacity by utilizing our vast and fully customizable line of bar equipment.”

To ensure Taffer’s Tavern layout was perfect, Krowne’s team used its proprietary 3D bar configurator, Barflex3D, which allowed the design team to experiment with a variety of different layouts. After creating the entire bar in 3D to present to Taffer’s team, Krowne re-created the bar in an immersive virtual reality world. This custom VR demo, which allows users to pick up bottles, interact with equipment and create virtual cocktails from scratch, enabled the team to perform efficiency tests and in-depth footstep analyses to ensure that the bartender can work effectively with extreme efficiency and minimal movement.

With sights set on growth, Taffer has partnered with Fransmart as the exclusive franchise development partner for Taffer’s Tavern to facilitate the national rollout of the emerging brand. Multi-unit franchise deals already secured in the Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C., areas, with a goal of identifying franchisees in major markets across the U.S.

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