Steton 360 Enterprise Software Update Aids Understanding of Assessment & Compliance Info

Steton Technology Group has released an update for Steton 360 Enterprise Edition, its web-hosted, software-as-a-service product. The company says that the new capabilities, makes it easier for companies to see and understand critical assessment and compliance information organization-wide, in an effort to improve brand delivery and compliance with supplier, quality, regulatory, and social responsibility standards.
Steton 360 helps companies to accurately conduct compliance assessments for virtually any standard or program, across large and diverse enterprise operations, with ease. With Steton 360 Enterprise Edition, field assessments can be conducted using popular handheld devices like tablets and smartphones in both Internet-connected and -disconnected locations. The solution includes integrated intelligent forms, corrective action management, secure communications and business intelligence reporting, all easily self-administered without additional IT cost or expertise.
In addition to improvements affecting data search and visualization, the update also includes a new assessment quality review process. Audit service providers can now upload audit results and review them for quality before they're processed and automatically distributed to stakeholders.
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