Restaurant/Bar Games Provider Launches App

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Let’s Do Entertainment invested in contact-free applications for its various live-hosted restaurant/bar game show products.

Designed to raise the comfort level for people who may be avoiding public venues and to help flatten the curve, these apps remove the need for constant movement of players or hosts during each weekly game show.

Also, there is no distribution of game supplies such as game sheets or pencils, all of which could spread the virus. 

A Revenue Generator

The mid-Atlantic-based company reports adding more than $1.25 million in mid-week sales to 38 restaurant clients in 2019 through its game shows. 

Let's Do Entertainment immediately serves the mid-Atlantic region including Delaware, Maryland, and eastern Pennsylvania, both “open” and “protected territory” franchises are available to entertainment marketing companies within the United States.


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