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POS-X Adds Tru-Flat EVO TouchPC & Touch Monitor to Product Offerings

POS-X, a supplier of performance point of sale hardware solutions, unveiled the newest members to their EVO product line, the TP4 Allin-One TouchPC and the TM4 Touch Screen Monitor. The new products maintain the core values of the EVO product line; a sleek modern design and an ultra compact footprint, while also incorporating new technologies in both.

Key features
  • Tru-flat technology: The TP4 TouchPC and TM4 Touch Monitor features state-of- the-art Tru-Flat Resistive Technology. The zero bezel design eliminates the frame found on traditional monitors, creating a seamless, smooth surface. The screen is easy to clean and is resistant to water, dust, grease, and food build-up, thus making it the ideal choice for retail or restaurant settings. With gestures support, the TP4 and TM4 are ready for gesture-optimized software as well as Windows 7.
  • IP54 rating: The TP4 TouchPC and TM4 Touch Screen Monitor have both earned an IP54 International Protection Rating. Resistant to internal dust build up as well as splashing water, the TP4/TM4 have been built to withstand the environments where non-IP rated hardware would eventually fail.
  • Die-cut aluminum alloy frame: Enterprise-class build quality is featured on the new TP4 TouchPC as well as the TM4 Touch Screen Monitor. Resistant to deterioration and built to last, the die-cut aluminum alloy frame also acts as a giant heat sink for the TP4 TouchPC, making fanless dual-core processing possible while maintaining an IP54 dust-resistant rating. The all-metal frame extends from the body through the stand, providing smooth bump-free touch operation.
  • TP4 fanless touch PC: Boasting an Atom D525 1.8GHz Dual Core chipset in an IP54 rated fanless design, the TP4 TouchPC more than doubles the processing power of the commonly used N270 Atom chipset by adding a second on-die CPU, faster core speed, and utilizing faster DDR3 RAM.
  • TM4 touch monitor: Utilizing the same sophisticated design of the TP4, the new 15" EVO LCD Touch Monitor features Tru-Flat 5-Wire Resistive Touch technology, 35+ millions taps per location, USB interface, VGA input, and cable management built directly into the base.
Stock of the EVO TP4 and TM4 will be made available in mid-January. Available peripherals include wall mount bracket (standard VESA), and integrated 3-track MSR. Additional models and peripherals such as Bio Reader and Rear LCD panel are scheduled for future release.
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