Pizza King Modernizes Operations With Cloud-Based POS

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Each Pizza King location allows customers to "ring the King" or place orders directly with the kitchen from their booth.

Revel Systems, a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, today announced that

Midwest pizza chain Pizza King is deploying the Revel Systems' Revel Enterprise pizza solution across the entire chain of 49 existing locations. Pizza King will also implement Revel Advantage for payments, which is integrated with Revel Enterprise. Pizza King is already up and running at 14 locations and will mandate the use of Revel at all future locations.

Interested in strengthening and maintaining their existing business, Pizza King knew their customers' needs were radically changing. Pizza King recognized the need for a new cloud-based POS to help modernize operations and improve the customer experience.

Tableside Ordering

Each Pizza King location allows customers to place orders directly with the kitchen from their booth. Revel Enterprise enables Pizza King to easily track these orders through iPad stations implemented in the kitchen and ensures orders are processed accurately and in a timely fashion. Revel Enterprise also simplifies and automates how Pizza King calculates ingredient-level inventory and labor costs. Previously, the chain was allocating resources towards generating reports using spreadsheets and print outs at each location.

“We’ve created a unique ordering experience at Pizza King — our customers have the opportunity to ‘ring the king.’ We chose Revel because its flexibility empowers our staff, allowing them to quickly and accurately capture orders,” explains Alan Robinson, CEO of Pizza King. “We look forward to continuing to streamline operations as we scale with Revel’s cloud-based pizza solution.”

Leveraging Open APIs

Pizza King will leverage Revel’s open API to easily integrate with key Revel partners including 7shifts for employee scheduling and WorldPay for gift cards. Taking advantage of Revel’s scalability to grow, Pizza King also plans to integrate online ordering and a loyalty program in the future.

The Revel Enterprise pizza POS includes features that address the specific needs of pizzeria owners. Knowing pizza is a highly-customizable dish, Revel's platform makes it easy for staff to modify menus and ensure offerings meet the needs and whims of customers. The Revel POS also provides ingredient-level inventory insights, so that pizzeria owners have the right ingredients in the right quantities at the right time.