NxTV Announces Converged Entertainment and Connectivity Platform

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NxTV Announces Converged Entertainment and Connectivity Platform


NxTV, Inc., a provider of Internet Protocol Video on Demand (IPVoD) in the hospitality industry, premieres a new converged platform capable of offering various forms of interactive IP-based in-room entertainment and communications services to hotels and consumers.  The scalable converged platform enables operators and hotels to cost-effectively create new recurring sources of revenue by giving consumers completely personalized access to more forms of content and information on a variety of end devices. Additionally, the platform simplifies and reduces the cost of hotel construction and operations.  

A key enabler of this platform is the introduction of NXTV's new Set Top Box (STB) the NXT1000. The NXT1000 is a state of the art IP-STB, capable of providing HD VoD and IPTV. The architecture of the box is very flexible in that it enables a "transport-agnostic" delivery of content, allowing it to operate over Ethernet today as well as coax and wireless in the near term future. Additionally, the modularity of the architecture enables new types of functionality to be added or removed easily, allowing different flavors of the box to be installed even as part of the same installation. Additional applications and services based on this platform are to be announced in the coming months.

Another important component of the converged platform is the introduction of NXTV's fifth generation "middleware," which acts as a glue pulling the end-to-end architecture together. NXTV's flexible new middleware enables very high levels of customization at the user interface, backend interface, and applications integration. The middleware runs over both the NXT1000 STB as well as NxTV's application servers, allowing unprecedented levels of functionality and customization for the target customer/application.

Benefits to hoteliers of the NxTV converged platform include the ability to:

  • Attract and maintain high-value guests via improved services;
  • Significantly reduce start-up and operational costs of new builds;
  • Create and improve recurring sources of revenue;
  • Build a more productive and responsive staff via a single point of management.

Benefits to consumers of NxTV's converged platform include:

  • Access to any form of content using any type of delivery system;
  • Superior guest experience through the convenience of having all content on demand;
  • Personalized access to consumers' usual social, online lifestyles via a unified user interface, and blended services between PCs and TVs.