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NORTHWIND-Maestro: "PCI Compliance, Direct Website Bookings and Web-Based Training are Essential for Success in 2010"

Despite the industry's ongoing challenges, many hotel software vendors have added new fees for services, online training programs and PMS hotel software system upgrades that include functionality essential for properties to operate in the future. These costly fees are proving to be a wake-up call for savvy hotel operators who are looking for new hotel management systems. NORTHWIND-Maestro offers ways to secure operators' future with the latest Web-booking, revenue-generating and productivity tools far beyond those available in legacy PMS platforms and backed by NORTHWIND's unparalleled industry leading Diamond Plus Service.

PCI compliance is your future

Founded by the major credit card companies, the PCI Security Standards Council sets the compliance guidelines that all merchants must meet prior to the dates imposed by the credit card companies. Failure to meet these deadlines, including the July 1, 2010 date common for all hotel applications to be certified, will result in significant financial penalties to merchants. With penalties for non-compliance looming, operators are focused on the steps to be taken to reach conformity with PCI standards. Also focused on the PCI requirements are many property management system providers that placed PCI functionality as the cornerstone of their coming system upgrades. PMSes must conform to another standard set by the PCI Council, called PA-DSS. The down-side for hotel operators is that many tech vendors are charging a substantial upgrade fee for the PA-DSS versions that operators must implement to meet PCI requirements.
NORTHWIND takes the data security standards of its Maestro system very seriously. It is committed to working with its clients and partners to ensure the most secure operating environment possible that helps operators meet PCI requirements. NORTHWIND supports its clients' PCI strategy with the newest version of the Maestro Property Management Suite. It is PA-DSS certified and ready to be a key part of its clients' PCI responsibilities. This PA-DSS upgrade comes at no cost to users under Maestro Diamond Plus service offering. NORTHWIND also provides PCI audit assistance from its professional service staff to assist users. NORTHWIND's team members are knowledgeable on the PCI guidelines and are ready to help operators achieve full compliance by the July 1, 2010 deadline.
Online training
At a time when maximum productivity and efficiency are essential, staff turnover has never been higher or more costly. Managers who are continuously occupied with staff training cannot give their full attention to operating a profitable, well-run hotel. Likewise, employees who do not understand their job or the tools they use will not be productive. This is why NORTHWIND developed a comprehensive syllabus of flexible Web-based training options that enables hotel employees to gain proficiency with Maestro.
Todayâ╬╢s next-gen hotel employees learn quickly on digital media, and Web-based training is their preferred learning medium. With Diamond Plus Service, staff can access free resources 24/7 to gain knowledge and skills whenever they have the time. Employees who are confident of their abilities have a higher level of job satisfaction and provide better service, which reduces turnover and increases productivity and property profitability.
Maestro's Diamond Plus Service includes:
  • On Demand Live 1-on-1 Refresher and Advanced Training
  • Maestro for Beginners Education Program
  • Self-Paced E-Learning Webinars & Online Tutorials
  • Live Training Webinars
  • Self-Solve Online Knowledgebase
  • Transition Assistance
  • Professional Maestro Productivity Audit
  • Version Upgrades
  • 24/7 North-American Based Support + Live Chat
Direct website bookings reduce costs & maximize revenue
Hotels need their own website booking engine to engage travelers as they plan their trips, and to connect with guests to build loyalty and capture the sales directly. Maestro's 'Web Connection' online booking software suite featuring ResWave booking engine is fully integrated with the Maestro PMS. This enables operators to launch comprehensive online marketing and sales strategies with real-time availability and dynamic packages that let guests up-sell themselves. The system also delivers group rooming list booking functions, and Maestro integrated Yield Management to maximize revenue.

Secure your property's future today

For operators who are mapping a PCI strategy, evaluating their property's legacy systems and keeping a sharp eye on their operating budget, it is the ideal time to evaluate all options. The Maestro Property Management Suite is used by over 865 properties worldwide. NORTHWIND invites operators to speak with its users and its professional team members to learn how Maestro can secure their property's future.
If you are attending the New York IHMR Show, please visit the Maestro team at Booth 3056.
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