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Nightlife Hotspot Sees Increased Revenue and Efficiency with Advanced POS

Fager’s Island, in Ocean City, Maryland, has implemented an extensive MICROS solution to cut costs and add additional revenues. Fager’s Island recently went live with a complete solution that includes the MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES), 27 MICROS Workstation 5A (WS5A) hardware terminals, 5 tablet devices for mobile orders, 16 MICROS Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), 1 tablet with a wireless scanner for the gift shop, the business intelligence platform with mylabor for labor management, MICROS’s Table Management software to control consumer dining experiences, MICROS Tabbedout for mobile payments, and a complete PMS interface to allow for smooth room service and billing for its 2 onsite hotels.
After evaluating many different solutions, Fager’s Island selected the MICROS set of solutions to increase its overall bottom line. With the state-of-the-art and reliable WS5A terminals, its total cost of ownership for hardware will decrease considerably. By utilizing tablet devices throughout multiple remote bar areas, the wait staff is able to take orders more accurately and efficiently, reduce waste and increase its speed of service.
The MICROS KDS was selected to improve communications between the site’s 4 kitchens, including a remote raw bar, allowing for lower labor costs, better customer service, and vastly improved timing between kitchens. MICROS’s business intelligence solutions through the platform allows for better decision making, cost controls, and reduced shrinkage. With the addition of MICROS Tabbedout which allows customers to make payments automatically from their mobile device, table turns are increased, wait times are reduced, and sales increased from patrons that purchase additional rounds at the multiple bar outlets.

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