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Next Gen Solution to Manage Hotel Digital Content


HeBS Digital has released its newest website Content Management System, the HeBS Digital CMS Premium, which addresses the growing industry need for a centralized digital content depository. The explosion of the mobile channel and the emergence of the new tablet channel presented a major challenge to hotel and travel marketers: creating and managing digital content throughout three distinct distribution and marketing channels – desktop, mobile and tablet. There is an obvious need for a centralized digital library that services all three channels. HeBS Digital’s proprietary CMS Premium provides exactly this functionality and serves as the hotel’s digital content depository of textual and visual content.
The HeBS Digital CMS Premium was specifically engineered to provide hoteliers with the flexibility to customize their site on-the-go and refresh content immediately to accommodate the Google Panda and “Freshness” SEO updates. This solution also allows for automated content push to the hotel’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the hotel’s mobile and tablet sites, enabling the hotel to maintain content freshness and accuracy across all marketing channels.
The HeBS Digital CMS Premium provides a wealth of possibilities for hoteliers. A hotel marketer can add and edit textual and visual content at any time, publish or un-publish new special offers, create packages and promotions, control the featured special promo tile on the Home Page, manage photos, and automatically push new specials and promotions to social media profiles and mobile websites.

The ability to update, add to and refresh a site is crucially important for several reasons. Hoteliers can avoid expensive third-party edits and revisions and save time by updating their own copy, specials and photo galleries. The power to easily refresh meta data and on-page copy allows hoteliers to respond immediately to Google Panda updates and maintain strong SEO performance.
The flexibility of the HeBS Digital CMS Premium allows hotel marketers to:
* Build a centralized library of the hotel’s digital content: textual and visual
* Create fresh, engaging and unique content on the fly
* Add deep, relevant local content the search engines highly value
* Incorporate micro-formats and Schema codes to indicate “freshness” of content to search engines
* Push timely content such as special offers and promotions, as well as events and happenings to social media platforms
* Sync with the hotel’s mobile and enhanced tablet site to automatically push content updates live to mobile and tablet users

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