New Table-side Payment Offering Boasts Enhanced Card Security & Improved Operational Costs

Merchant Warehouse, a provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, today announced the release of MerchantWARE Pay @ The Table with BINsmart, a secure wireless payment option that brings payment to the customer in a fast, efficient and secure manner, and helps merchants improve their operational costs. Pay @ The Table with BINsmart incorporates all of the features of Merchant Warehouse's BINsmart product, which identifies whether the method of payment is via credit or debit card then prompts for the less expensive transaction, saving the merchant on interchange fees.

The MerchantWARE Pay @ The Table with BINsmart solution is customized for each merchant and integrated with the wireless Ingenico I7780, a Bluetooth enabled light-weight and secure terminal that is operational up to 600 feet from the main POS terminal. Credit card data is encrypted using Bluetooth technology between the wireless terminal and the POS and then transported via a SSL connection to the Merchant Warehouse payment gateway where data is tokenized and returned to the POS for final transaction. The I7780 integrated with MerchantWARE Pay @ The Table with BINsmart not only improves operational costs, it is the ideal, wireless solution for table-side payments, patio service, curb-side payments, drive-thru payments and seasonal check-outs.

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