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Mrs. Field's: Don't Get Left behind in Hospitality's New Biz Dynamic

The business climate of the past 24 months has redefined the restaurant industry and the values of its guests. Today's customers are extremely technologically connected and value conscious. Meanwhile, many restaurants have made short-term changes to pricing, branding and internal resources that can have long-term impacts on growth.

Tim Casey, president and CEO for Mrs. Field's Famous Brands, will discuss how to realign the business behind a powerful brand and recapture relevance with guests at the 2010 Restaurant Executive Summit, this September 29 - October 1 at The Grand Del Mar Resort in San Diego, Calif.

In the opening keynote session, "Your Brand is Your Business: Align for Growth in the New Hospitality Dynamic," Casey will underscore critical insights for success in the new hospitality dynamic, and will share a proven roadmap, self-assessment, and action plan that will help realign your entire organization for growth.

About the Restaurant Executive Summit
Now entering its sixth year, Hospitality Technology's Restaurant Executive Summit presents a full program of solutions-focused educational sessions offering insights from across the restaurant environment, including technology, operations, finance and marketing. Key decision-makers will be able to share strategies and exchange ideas outside of departmental silos, with the collective goal of staying in front of industry trends, preserving financial health, and positioning their companies for growth. Peer-to-peer collaboration and networking with the hospitality industry's leading technology solution providers provide additional value to attendees.

This year's focus is "Priority Initiatives and Growth Opportunities in the New Hospitality Dynamic." Over the past 18 months, a number of societal, technological and economic factors have converged, resulting in a very different landscape for foodservice operations - in effect, a "new hospitality dynamic." Key sessions include:

  • A New Design Model for Business Innovation
  • Technology Super Session: Technology that Drives Top-Line Growth
  • Rebuilding Your Workforce
  • Ubertrends: Socially Engaging the New Era Guest
  • CFO Perspectives
  • Impact of National Policy: Unprecedented Change

For more information about the 2010 Restaurant Executive Summit, click here.

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