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Mobile App Reboot Launches with Increased POS Functionality

SalesVu just released its latest mobile payment application, SalesVu 2.0 for iPhone’s and iPad’s. The new update solidifies SalesVu’s technology leadership position with centralized cloud-based management, reporting, and social media marketing.
New retail functionality built into SalesVu 2.0 includes the ability to print receipts and scan barcodes for faster transaction processing. Another common request was the ability for employees to clock-in and out, a feature that SalesVu tied to a complete cloud-based employee timekeeping solution on Lastly, managers will be able to significantly simplify their close-out process with SalesVu’s cash drawer functionality.
Features designed specifically for food service establishments in SalesVu 2.0 include the ability to split checks, print orders to the kitchen, adjust tips at the end of the shift, and receive orders from the restaurant’s website. While most online ordering solutions only send email notifications, SalesVu also displays the order right on the point-of-sale app for immediate processing, allowing smaller businesses to be as efficient as larger chains
The launch of SalesVu 2.0 will also now include the application and credit card reader at no cost to businesses. SalesVu’s credit card processing fees in the U.S. are at a flat 2.7% rate for both swiped and keyed-in transactions. In Canada SalesVu’s rates vary from 1.73% to 3.26% depending on card type, which is significantly lower than the rates Intuit recently announced for the Canadian market.

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