MerchantWARE Extends Mobile Payment Processing with Offerings for Google Android and Windows Mobile

Merchant Warehouse, a provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, announced two new mobile payment processing applications for MerchantWARE Mobile, a user-friendly, virtual payment processing application that provides small and large businesses with simple and secure card processing capabilities. The new applications are now available for the Google Android and Windows Mobile platforms, joining the already available iPhone/iPod touch and Blackberry. By combining simplicity with advanced functionality and security, the free applications boast an easy setup process and only require a Merchant Warehouse merchant account.

The new applications are part of Merchant Warehouse's on-going mobile strategy which is to understand the needs of the growing micro-business segment, provide superior customer support and deliver secure, scalable and the lowest cost mobile payment solutions for all devices. Businesses today save time and money with free applications, immediate payment approvals as well as the convenience of automatic email receipts. MerchantWARE Mobile applications are an ideal payment solution for any 'on-the-go' business that needs to accept credit card payments in real-time.

As the technology emerges, evolves and gains traction in the market, MerchantWARE Mobile stays ahead of the pack, including secure compliant credit card processing applications and portable card readers used with the iPhone/iTouch, Blackberry, and now the Android and Windows Mobile to accommodate card swipes that allow merchants to avoid high-cost "card-not-present" fees. All credit card data (swiped or keyed) is securely transmitted and stored at Merchant Warehouse's secure data vault, not the mobile device so merchants and customers have peace of mind knowing their card data is safe. For a list of additional MerchantWARE Mobile features, visit:

The free applications require a Merchant Warehouse merchant account and all mobile applications, except the iPhone/iTouch, use a Bluetooth enabled card reader while the iPhone/iTouch use an easy to manage cradled card reader. With the addition of Windows Mobile and Android to the offerings, merchants can take part in the growing trend toward mobile payment processing with the ease and peace of mind that comes from partnering with a recognized industry leader and innovator such as Merchant Warehouse.

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