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Max's Restaurant Launches Smartphone-Based Rewards Program

Max’s Restaurant Cuisine of the Philippines announced that it has selected Punchh to launch a new smart-phone based rewards program for its North American customers. Max’s Restaurant, a global Filipino brand, has gained a steady following in the United States, Canada and United Arab Emirates. One of the most enduring restaurants in the Philippines, Max’s Restaurant has created a global mark for its fried chicken dish which has been rated as the best fried chicken dish by various customer and media groups. 
Punchh’s patent-pending technology, through a mobile app customized for Max’s Restaurant, will power Max’s loyalty, word of mouth marketing and referral programs. By directly engaging customers on their mobile devices, Max’s will reward customers for their repeat visits and referring their friends.
With Punchh on their mobile devices, customers can now engage with the brand, spread the word of mouth through social media, and be rewarded for not only their loyalty, but also for referring their friends to visit Max’s Restaurant. The location-aware app will integrate seamlessly with the store’s Point of Sale (POS) system, allowing Max’s Restaurant to directly engage customers, acquire new customers, and bring them back more often. The secure, private and easy-to-use Punchh application will not only increase Max’s line speed by making it faster to redeem loyalty rewards but also make it convenient for customers to earn points and know when they earn a reward. 

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