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Mama Fu's Revamps Consumer Facing Technology

While the restaurant industry has recently been dominated by mobile apps that offer consumers a one-stop-directory of restaurant options, individual brands in the industry, such as Mama Fu’s Asian House, are realizing the power of concept-specific mobile apps.  Partnering with Punchh Mobile CRM, Mama Fu’s has developed their own app in order to directly drive consumer interaction and loyalty. In conjunction with the launch of the new mobile application for iOS and Android on February 19th, Mama Fu’s Asian House is rolling out a complete technology overhaul on the brand, including a new website and online ordering platform. 
The new website will feature updated branding, healthy dining and nutritional content and will serve as the foundation for consumer facing interaction, driving customers and Mama Fu’s Funatics Club members to the mobile application. Launching the new mobile app with Punchh Mobile allows Mama Fu’s to use its existing technology while incorporating new features through the flexible platform offered by Punchh Mobile. Serving as the primary platform for all customer interaction, Mama Fu’s is transitioning much of its web content to the new application in order to simplify and create new avenues for consumer interaction.
Features of the Mama Fu’s mobile app include:
Online ordering
Funatics Club loyalty program
Store locator
Full menus
Mama Fu’s news and special offers
Facebook referral
While Mama Fu’s Asian House offers guests convenience and value, the high quality ingredients and fusion of unique flavors are the primary focus of its Asian-inspired food.  At Mama Fu’s, that culinary innovation is showcased and celebrated seasonally in the restaurant’s Black Market Menu. Keeping its menu options fresh and dynamic, Mama Fu’s Black Market Menu is released every six months (April and October) as an exclusive menu comprised of 5-6 innovative dishes which are inspired from Mama Fu’s chefs’ experiences traveling through China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Korea.
Mama Fu’s contemporary and user-friendly menu allows guests to easily navigate options between a rice dish or noodle bowl, as well as their protein of choice, from a selection of Asian-inspired menu options. More health-conscious guests can order a Steam Bowl or salad, or have their protein steamed, a cooking method that reduces oils and starch. For a more exclusive look at menu options and perks, Mama Fu’s offers a popular rewards program to customers, known as the “Funatics Club,” which offers exclusive deals to club members and keeps guests coming back to enjoy the Mama Fu’s experience. Only available through the Mama Fu’s mobile app, customers can become Funatics by downloading the application through the Mama Fu’s website or directly from the online App Store or Google Play.
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